(by katepedley)

I want to go to Croatia, this was tagged with #Croatia and it is beautiful!


(by katepedley)

I want to go to Croatia, this was tagged with #Croatia and it is beautiful!

A Verb Is An Action Word

There is a verb…”is”—to be—for example:                                                                                 It  is, I am, we are.

Learning how to read is like                                                                                                    Learning how to be.

"I am" has no value in our world until we add an adjective                              She Is…Good/Bad…rich/poor…Happy/Sad.

I learn how to read myself when other people teach me my adjectives.

                             But Really?  I just am.

                                    I really am.

Listening to the Noise

What are they saying?

                                                  I can’t hear the single voice amid the chaos,

                                                                              I can’t hear the multitudes

                                      when the roar of rage crashes through humanity.

               —We are loathe to admit to our shared human vulnerability—

in a world without love.


Your head is intact
But your thoughts
Need you to roar

Where is your voice?


Mother, thank you for being

             at the birthday party today.

Great-grandchildren’s birthdays are special, and there you were. 

I am amazed at how long it has been since I have last seen you.

So long in fact that I almost remembered who I am in your presence.

               No problem with conflicting emotions

               No problem loving my grandchildren without guilt.

We all had a happy birthday party, and it was all about

love and how many years it takes to find the truth of it,

                the trust of it,



I heard winter knocking at my door this morning. Go away, I can’t answer the door, I am taking a very hot shower.

                        Blessings are heaped upon me

                        They keep me warm in the cold shadows of dawn.

"we must bring our own light to the darkness, no one is going to do it for us"

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